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WIN(win) Supplier Management Portal

WIN(win) users can now research, manage, and engage suppliers all in one place -  all while providing an area for suppliers to update and add product information themselves.  Now you can have all your technology suppliers together to research, compare and engage when you're ready.

Key features in the Supplier Portal:

  • Create an external informational page for suppliers with everything they need to know to do business with you
  • Generate a unique URL to share on your own websites, and with suppliers - now you have a place to send them when they contact you
  • Categorize and manage technology suppliers in one place, accessible by anyone with a browser
  • Import existing lists of suppliers
  • Engage suppliers with one click - on your terms by launching research projects, or full blown RFPs


Easy Set Up - Either by WIN(win) Team, or On Your Own:

  • Step 1 - Add a logo to customize, Add a welcome message for suppliers, Create a custom registration URL to add on your emails and web pages
  • Step 2 - Create a welcome message and requirements for new suppliers
  • Step 3 - Develop a scorecard and questionairre that suppliers have to complete and answer so you can qualify them
  • Step 4 - Add your internal team that needs access and visibility



Easy for Suppliers to Sign in and Reigister With Your Company:

  • Suppliers click on your custom link, and are presented with your custom landing page
  • They sign in or sign up for credentials
  • Supplier adds company details
  • Answer your questions 
  • See your Terms and Conditions



Complete Listing of Suppliers and Relationships at Your Fingertips:

  • See your suppliers listed with searchable and sortable fields
  • Search by name, company, or technology
  • See existing relatioships or agreements already associated with supplier
  • Quickly add a new agreement to track by supplier
  • Group and sort suppliers by your relationships


Learn more or request a demo: